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The Spice Trail to the Kitchen

Spice Magic

Having the correct combination of ingredients and spices is critical in cooking authentic tasting Indian cuisine, but don't panic - we provide everything you need, from our fabulous Curry Cuisine spices to the freshest local ingredients, making life easy for you and ensuring magical results every time.

It's all in the Mix

You may know the spices, but do you know how they work? Understanding the role of different spices and how they interact is an intricate and important part of Indian cookery. We'll guide you through what to use and share lots of useful hints, tips and shortcuts along the way...

Hot Stuff

Now for the fun bit get ready to be steered through each cooking stage so that you know how to best manage your time and ensure all your dishes are served hot, tasty and cooked to perfection.

Cookery Services available:

Gift Vouchers

Treat someone to the fantastic gift of a course at The Curry Cuisine Cookery School, whether it be a Birthday surprise, Christmas present or simply to get your other half in the kitchen!

A range of Curry Cuisine Cookery School gift vouchers valid for six months (longer if requested) are available for use as full or part payment for any of our courses. Contact us for more details.

spicesAll Curry Cuisine Cookery School courses include a free pack of Prett Tejura's fabulous recipes to help you create mouth-watering dishes in your own home, plus you'll be given an opportunity to buy some of Curry Cuisine's award-winning pickles, chutneys and spice boxes.